What are these products made of?

Concrete Graphics is a foil-based decal layered with a coating of glass beads making it reflective and anti-slip. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, Concrete Graphics easily conforms to grooves and takes the shape of any surface, making it look like it's been painted on. Concrete Graphics can be custom printed and cut per your specifications. They are easily installed by using a peel-and-stick application.

Can I install these myself?

Yes! Installation is simple for anyone to do. Checkout this video on how to install.

Installing Concrete Graphics®

Concrete Graphics® look clean, professional and really make something "pop"! These floor markers get noticed because people look where they walk. They are perfect for schools, advertising, events, manufacturing facilities, businesses, sporting events...just about everything!

What happens if my decal has bubbles in it?

Concrete Graphics®: Fixing bubbles and bridging

When installing your Concrete Graphics® a bubble may form. This problem is easy to fix and described in this video. Bridging is another issue to avoid with Concrete Graphics® and this video describes how to avoid cracks and crevices that cause problems.